Mitchel Von Trapp

Curious, punctilious and cautious but there's more than meets the eye -- not surprising for somebody with his tortured past. He began his life in the small town of St. Paul, Alberta. At the age of 11, his life took a turn for the worst; he lost his family in the rebellion against the demon king and was rejected by all. With his loyal familiar Humphrey, he had to survive in a unkind world. Nearly destroyed by the demon king, he was nursed back to life by a humble passer-by, later to be revealed as the fallen prince of the land. With his vigor and ingenuity, he managed to play a great deal of video games and finally escape hell. This has turned him into the man he is today. While haunted by memories of the past, he now supports himself by tattooing nerdy things filled with references from obscure TV shows and video games. By doing so, he hopes to learn more about his craft and finally find the stability and security he has never had.