Sarai Jorgenson

My name is Sarai and I began my piercing career in Edmonton in the year 2000 after being a piercing and tattoo enthusiast for nearly a decade. I was lucky enough to serve my apprenticeship under an amazing piercer at, what was then, one of Edmonton's only studios using high quality, implant grade jewelry. After working there for 2 years, I spent the next 6 years piercing at several premier studios throughout the United States, and I was able to work along side of -- and learn from some of the leaders of the industry. I returned to Edmonton to pierce in 2008 and have been with the wonderful team at Atomic Zombie since 2013. I strive to make every piercing as quick, safe and gentle as possible. I take great pride in my work and in the wide variety of beautiful, high quality jewelry we get to carry here at Atomic Zombie. I try to make sure we keep something in stock for everyone, from the subtle, to the nerdy, to the people who are looking for a show stopping piece of jewelry to set their look apart. My favorite piercings to perform are ears, as they offer so many variations in anatomy to work with and so many unique options for jewelry. I also love working with first timers, as it brings me a lot of joy to show someone just how easy a piercing can be! I consider it a great privilege to have spent so many years getting to do a job that I love, and I look forward to many more!